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At The High Impact Mindset Co. we specialize in guiding you through our C.O.R.E. ™ Method of success,

a transformative process that aligns your professional achievements with your personal fulfillment. We understand the unique challenges faced by busy professionals and provide tailored strategies to balance success with satisfaction.


I’m Carissa, a certified Life + Mindset Coach, Marketing Strategist, Corporate Executive, Successful Entrepreneur, Founder of The High Impact Mindset Co., and Go Green Clean, LLC, and Busy Mom of 3.  I am dedicated to empowering busy professionals with High-Impact tools and resources to reach their full potential. I believe that true transformation begins from within.

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60-Minute Breakthrough Session

This intensive coaching session is designed to provide you with immediate insights and strategies to overcome current obstacles. You’ll walk away with a clear action plan and renewed confidence to tackle your goals head-on.

Perfect for busy professionals, this session zeroes in on your most pressing issue. Gain clarity, actionable steps, and a focused plan to tackle your challenges head-on and achieve rapid results

One-on-One Coaching Packages

Our 1:1 Coaching is a personalized experience tailored to meet your unique goals and challenges. By applying for this one-on-one coaching packages, you get an opportunity to work closely with a dedicated coach who will provide you with individualized attention, bespoke strategies, and continuous support.

This format is perfect for those seeking a transformative and deeply personal coaching journey, focused on achieving specific outcomes.

Group Coaching

Join our Group Coaching sessions to connect with others on a similar growth journey. In these sessions, you’ll benefit from the shared experiences, insights, and support of a group, all under the guidance of a professional coach.

This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community and accountability, making it ideal for those who thrive in interactive settings and seek both personal and collective advancement.

Corporate Packages

Our Corporate Packages are specially designed to cater to the needs of businesses and organizations. These packages focus on enhancing team dynamics, leadership skills, and overall employee well-being.

Tailored to align with your company’s specific objectives, our corporate coaching programs offer an effective way to invest in your team’s professional development, boost productivity, and cultivate a positive workplace culture.